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Enneagram is a Psychology-based Personality & Self Development Tool that is used and favoured by Psychologists and Researchers.

Self Mastery

The truth is most people don't really know themselves, that's why they're are not achieving their full potential. Most people are living their life by trial and errors, while some people live their lives by other people's standard - which makes it harder to attain their life goals. Discover what makes you truly happy and successful in life.

People Mastery

We in live in a world with other people who want different things from us. What make them tick? Master how to deal with different people effectively so how you would succeed in the real world. Impress your bosses, your management, your colleagues... Be a better partner, a better parent, a better business owner... A better team leader, a better coach, a better theraist, a better community leader....

Your Special Powers

Similar to Super Heroes in movies, we all have special powers. However, they are hidden and undeveloped. You need to unlock your hidden powers. So that you use it to get what you want in life, and make this world a better place.

Your Blind Spots

Even Superman has his fair share of challenges he must overcome. All of us have areas we need to work on... if we want to succeed in life. If you are not clear what challenges are present in your life, they remain as obstables that block and hinder your path to success. Unblock the challenges so that you can reach your full potentials.

FREE Power Enneagram Masterclass

What You Will Discover In This FREE Masterclass...
  • Understand Yourself & Your Life Patterns - Why are you here on this earth and living this life? What are you supposed to achieve? Gain crystal-clear clarity & direction.
  • ​How To Unlock & Develop Your Special Powers - Yes! All of us have special powers, do you know what they are and how to use them to them to your full advantage?
  • ​How To Manage Different People Effectively - Everyone thinks & wants different things. Discover how to give people what they want, and get what you want at the same time.
  • ​Understand Other People At The Deepest Level - Connect and build the strongest and best relationships with your boss, teamates, partner, children etc...
  • Discover Your Blind Spots - What are the traits that are holding you back in life? What are the things that prevented you from high level of success in the past?
Meet The Trainer
Nicole Ling is a Miracle Coach an Enneagram Teacher with strong Psychology background. She is a registered Psychotherapist and was formerly a Psychology lecturer.

Nicole is also the Winner of the Global Women Leadership Award 2013 and has more than 20 years of experience in training and coaching.

Her clients include some of the biggest names in the world.
Some of Nicole's Clients
Some of Nicole's Past Trainings
What Nicole's Students Say...
AJ. Alej
Learning the Enneagram from Nicole changed my life!

Not only was I able to learn the theoretical aspects of my type and all the other types, I was also able to understand how to apply it in my life.

Nicole managed to condense some very complex psychology into very simple terms that I could easily absorb and apply. She even went a step ahead and spoke to me after the course was over so I properly understood my type. Definitely recommend.
Darren L.
Enneagram helps me to understand why different people do things differently and what they are suited to do.

This is so useful for entrepreneurs and business people to identify the type of people they need in their organisation. Even for anyone finding a partner or in a marriage, you will know your better half without prejudge and get annoyed with their "way of doing things".

Enneagram definitely helped me see people a more holistic manner and I wish I discover Enneagram earlier to avoid certain people who cause financial and time inconveniences to me. But I am also glad I know exactly who I am, why I think in a certain way, why I have the need to be unique which drives me nuts because I am a perfectionist in my art.
Ang S.B.
Highly recommended for anyone who wants to succeed in life

As a person, Nicole is a very intelligent individual who is not only passionate about what she does, she allows her practical and analytical nature to shine in all aspects of her professional career. She is a humanitarian in every sense of the word.

Most importantly, she delivers information that is straight to the point, that is realistic as per today's standards. An outstanding analyst, she is able to disemminate a situation and provide solutions that will allow practical outcomes without having to do more than what is necessary.
Lau Z.
Work is much easier when I know how to manage my boss

Nicole is able to make difficult concept simple for us to understand. I have learnt a lot from her and she has a very systematic approach of conducting lessons.

After a few lessons with Nicole, I know how to interact with people in a better way to prevent conflicts. When I consult her about difficulties faced in work or relationship, she is always able to analyse the situation and gives me the best solution. Thank you very much Nicole!
Alex T.
It's a whole new world after learning this

Nicole knows her Enneagram and delivers it in a way that's systematic and practical for daily use. What impresses me most is her strong sense of moral justice which makes me accountable for my newly acquired superpower.

She cares for each of her student and gives personal attention to clear our doubts. I'm sure her background in psychology helps. I would definitely recommend to anyone who is interested to develop themselves.
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