Type 3: The Performer
"I Want To Be Recognized..."


Adaptable, excelling, goal-oriented, diligent, and driven.


Overly competitive, restless and unable to slow down.

Communication Style

Motivating and inspiring. Using positive words with enthusiasm and passion.

Inner Beauty

Versatile performer. Naturally charming.

Life Path

Type 3s want to be seen, to be admired, and to distinguish themselves from others. They want to be role models who inspire others.

Personal Life

Type 3s are hardworking individuals who are deeply motivated by success and recognition. At their best, Type 3s are diligent, versatile, driven and goal-oriented. They have a natural ability to figure out the expectations and needs in a given situation and perform the necessary tasks to attain success.

In Business

Type 3s enjoy pursuing success and want to be recognized for their achievements. As Performers, they are image-conscious, however pursuing material success may soon bring about physical exhaustion and emotional emptiness.

Famous Type Ones

Bill Clinton, Madonna, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maggie Chueng, and Martha Stewart.

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