Type 6: The Loyalist
" I Want To Have Security..."


Vigilant, reliable, loyal, supportive, and courageous.


Suspicious, pessimistic, and overly cautious and doubtful.

Communication Style

Asking questions on potential problems and risks. Playing the Devil’s advocate.

Inner Beauty

Providing unwavering loyalty and support.

Life Path

Type 6s are preoccupied with security concerns. With faith and courage, Type 6s seek a sense of peace and safety in an uncertain world.

Personal Life

Type 6s are committed individuals who seek to safeguard the security of their families, friends, and communities. They are excellent problem-solvers and often perceive situations with doubtful minds. At their best, Type 6s are courageous, loyal, reliable, and trustworthy.

In Business

Type 6s are strategic thinkers who have a knack in anticipating potential problems. They are excellent team players who can champion for themselves and others. At work, they loyal to organizational ideas, beliefs, and systems. Type 6s are prone to procrastination and may have difficulties in completing projects.

Famous Type Ones

Mel Gibson, Tom Hanks, Katie Holmes, and Krishnamurthi.

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