Type 7: The Enthusiast
"I Want To Seek New Adventures..."


Optimistic, spontaneous, fun-loving, adventurous, and quick-thinking.


Impulsive, lacking focus, reckless, and taking too much risk.

Communication Style

Fast-talking with various topics at the same time. Focus on positive aspects and highly entertaining with humor.

Inner Beauty

Bringing sunshine and laughter to everyone.

Life Path

Being adventurous, Type 7s seek new adventures and love to explore new terrains.

Personal Life

Type 7s are spontaneous, energetic, optimistic and versatile. They are high spirited and often bring a burst of energy to gatherings and parties. When the Type 7s are at their best, they are innovative, highly adaptable and humorous.

In Business

Type 7s are innovative and quick in thinking, however, they move from one idea to another in a speedy fashion. They are passionate and often inject excitement into their teams and organizations. Type 7s are easily distracted and may have trouble with commitment.

Famous Type Ones

Richard Branson, Barrack Obama, Ellen Degeneres, Cameron Diaz, and Jackie Chan.

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