Type 8: The Protector
"I Want To Protect..."


Powerful, outspoken, decisive, strong, and protective.


Domineering, blunt, confrontational, and controlling.

Communication Style

Assertive and direct in speaking, can be aggressive and domineering during confrontations.

Inner Beauty

Using their strengths to protect the weak and advance the lives of others.

Life Path

Type 8s are natural-born leaders. They are capable of taking on big challenges and using their strengths to protect others.

Personal Life

Type 8s are good at being in charge. They can take on leadership roles, especially when a situation calls for control. As Protectors, Type 8s are bold, straightforward, confident and assertive. When Type 8s are at their best, they are heroic and they can use their abilities to impact communities. Due to their dominant nature, Type 8s speak their minds without the fear of offending others. They are strong, fiercely independent and self-reliant.

In Business

Type 8s make excellent leaders and often provide a sense of “solidness and protection” to their team members. Their aggressiveness during challenges can be invigorating but Type 8s can come across as domineering and intimidating.

Famous Type Ones

Donald Trump, Lee Kwan Yew, Sigourney Weaver, Bruce Lee, and Jack Ma.

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